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Level one – simple design without graphics - $500
Level two – simple graphics with text -$1000
Level three – complex design and custom graphics - $1500

Your brand is the starting point for your website. Any good internet marketing strategy starts with a good brand. What's your budget for branding?

Business Cards:
Starting at $500 and up to $1200
Business card design can vary quite a bit. Do you need a simple, one-sided, straight-to-the-point card, a nice elegant, double-sided, creatively designed card, or do you want something really special?

Brochure / Booklets:
8 pages starting $1200.00
12 pages $1400

Our brochures are boutique designed in a booklet format (8.5x11 folded in half horizontally and turned 90 degrees to the left)
Provided as print option and downloadable pdf
Most brochures are 8 pages. If the end product is greater than the number specified in the agreement, the difference will be billed at the end of the project.
$200 additional per 4 page increments.
• Costs not included: costs for any stock imagery or photos necessary for the design, copy writing, copy editing, infographics
• Final compliance approved copy must be provided in an MS Word document –changes made to content after layout has been designed will be billed at our hourly fee.

Website – Custom HTML:
Our custom sites start at $4000 for a 12-18 page project

Included: ONE custom banner; contact page
Each additional page~ $80
Imagery, illustration, and custom design may incur additonal fees
Add a wordpress blog $350 (off the shelf)
Blog with custom banner and theme $600

Responsive design $1000
Search engine optimization $1000
I recommend HTML design because the design options and search engine readability are much better.
Not included: time involved in transferring domains, hosting setting up, hosting migration, ongoing site maintenance, or any special coding.
Copywriting not included.
See this post for further information: What should you pay for a website?

Post Card Mailer:
4x6 $425
6x9 $550
6x11 $650

Presentation Folder - 9X12:

Proposal / Presentation Cover Page:

Online Advertisement or Magazine Ad:
Starts at $400

Illustrations and Infographics:
$800 and up depending upon complexity

Other Fees:
Hourly fee – quoted only for additional services - $95 per hour

Book Cover Design:
Book cover design varies and you should consider a few factors. Is it just the front cover for an eBook? Is it a full dust jacket? What goes on the back and spine? Do you want something straight-forward and simple or do you want something high-concept?
Good range: $750 to $5000

Menu Design:
$2200 and up
We recommend a design that includes a six panel, 8.5X14, slide-in format. Each panel will be printed as a shell allowing for imprinting the menu using a desktop printer on your premises.
A drink menu approximately 1/4 the size of the food menu.
Menu type design will be included as part of the project and provided in a Word document for editing purposes.
The costs in a proposal reflect design only. Printing costs can be provided upon request.
Costs that are not included in a proposal include stock imagery, photography and custom illustration. These costs will be determined and discussed as the design progresses. No purchases will be made without client approval.



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